Roof System Components: Everything You Need To Know

We are lucky to have a good roof system to follow. In other countries, especially in developing countries, they don’t have the luxury to install a well-designed roof system. For them, having a corrugated stainless steel shin is enough to protect them from the rain and harmful rays of the sun.

But, when heavy rains and strong wind passes through their country, they are the first to experience these harsh conditions; roofs are flown away easily, leaks are inevitable and costly.

We have to be thankful that our engineering department is advanced. We utilize the technology that will improve the design of our roof system, we keep on innovating roofing shingles because we want efficiency and durability.

Roof System Components Everything You Need To Know

Components of a Roofing System

Following the standard of having a good roof system, you would come up with a system that is well ventilated, insulated and well-covered with shingles. Here are the parts of a good roof: hip and ridge shingles, ridge vent, shingles (any type), underlayment, wood deck, ventilation for rooms or kitchen, water and ice barrier, starter shingles, eavestrough, air intake, attic rafter vent, and insulation.

Building a Well-Ventilated, Insulated Attic

It is important that you will give space to ventilation and insulation system in your roof. This will make your roof sturdier and will last longer. To know if you have balanced ventilation, your roof must have ridge vents and insulations.

The purpose of ridge vents is to take out all warm air from the attic so that your roof will have a better airflow. Insulation will also improve the temperature of air circulating in your attic.

The base of the attic also determines the quality of the roof. A wooden deck structure is ideal for the foundation of the roof and it also provides better ventilation. However, you need to constantly inspect your wood to ensure the sturdiness of the material.

Having a Durable and Strong Underlayment Is Essential for the Climate Condition in Canada

There are two types of underlayment which serve a different purpose – the felt underlayment and the ice and water underlayment. Felt underlayment is installed on all areas of the deck while the ice and water underlayment covers the most vulnerable areas, such as roof edges, underneath the flashings, vents, and skylight and around chimneys. All materials are waterproof.

Choosing the right roof shingles

The exterior and topmost part of the roof system component is the roof shingle. Homeowners have the freedom to choose which shingles are suited for their budget and location. They can choose from wood shakes and shingles to asphalt and metal shingles.

As long as these shingles are protecting the roof and the people inside the house, it’s alright to spend an extra amount for the installation. There are also designs which you can choose from, just ask your supplier about the product.

Everything You Need to Know About Roof System Components

Hire the Best Provider of Smart Roof System

Roofco can provide the best solution for your roof problems. We will turn your ordinary roof components into a sophisticated and industrialized roof system. With Roofco, you are ensured of high-quality products and services.

How Important Is A Shingle Sealer

Before we go any further, let me just say that we wouldn’t have any problems with out roof if one thing didn’t happen. We wouldn’t need to put a single shingle sealer (try that, tongue-twister guys) or the more common elasto-seals if this wouldn’t have to happen regularly. What am I talking about? Well, it’s none other than this great mystery of “rain.” “What? All of that words-hype and all that you meant to say was that if there wasn’t rain or that rain probably occurred once a month, then we would be perfectly fine with whatever roof we have right now?”

The roof will not take care of itself

Rain is Good

Uhm, yeah, that’s exactly what I meant. But before you throw me off the roof (sorry, pun intended), please let me say my piece. Don’t get me wrong, rain is good thing. In fact, if you live in the tropical countries where the temperature seem to reach for the boiling point, it is a very good thing.

Here’s some interesting trivia (and something that might make you appreciate it more). The driest place on earth, meaning the location which receives the least amount of rainfall is a city in Chile, and it has an annual total rainfall of, get ready for this, 0.9mm(!). Or to put it another way, Whitehorse (Canada) gets 296 times that amount (and oh-by-the-way, Whitehorse is the driest place in Canada). How’s that for dry?


Rain not Good

Now, here’s the bad part. Even though rain is life-giving and earth-nurturing (to which I assume we can all agree), rain can also cause a lot of damage. What do I mean? Well, I’m not just talking about those areas that have suffered illegal logging and therefore have recurring flash floods during rainy seasons. I’m talking about western civilization in general and especially those who don’t take care of their buildings or home.

If you don’t take care of you homes, chances are the paint is going to come off faster, thereby reducing protection against mildew and bacteria; if you let the rood just get dilapidated and don’t really care about maintenance, it won’t matter what shingle sealer you use, it’s not about one thing, it’s a lifestyle and culture of your home.


Sealed and Approved

Pretty soon, you get those single droplets in the kitchen, and you think they’re just plumbing. And then another rainy season comes and more droplets. Pretty soon you’ll realise that it’s more than just the plumbing, it’s actually the whole roof starting to fall apart.

God forbid this happens to anyone but consider this a polite warning. The roof will not take care of itself. The roof will not seal itself from the rain. Your house will not maintain itself to your liking. It is your responsibility, and it is good to do it and be assured that it’s done properly, rather than wait for the droplets to become a waterfall before you start moving.

care about maintenance

Expert Tips

And by expert, I definitely am not referring to myself. If you just do a google search, you will find many companies that can suggest the best shingle sealer for your house. However, if you situated somewhere in the Winnipeg area, Roofco is the best option for you, visit them here at They guarantee the best service for all of your roofing needs.

Whether it be residential or a commercial building, they will assure you of great satisfaction. If you need a quote to look at the expense and see if it can fit your budget, they have that covered, too; they offer free quotation, without any obligation whatsoever.

Impact Resistant? All Of The Above

We’ll all watched an alien movie, even if it’s not our favorite genre. My personal favorite was Men In Black (the original one, the sequel wasn’t as good, and the third one was downright disappointing). Well, enough of my IMDB movie review for the day, as I was saying, we all have that extra-terrestrial flock that we love to just keep watching over and over and we never get tired.

durable and sturdy roof

We Have Contact

Well, I love watching almost all alien/extra-terrestrial movies and every time I watch, one of my scenes would always be a spaceship crashing into a house.

Whhhiiiiirrrr…..Sssssszzzzzztttt….. BLAM!

And 100% of the time, the roof crashes. And I always think to myself, “How awkward it would be if an alien spaceship crash-landed into my roof, but the roof didn’t cave in?” Now that would be a strong roof I would definitely pay for. Of course, this is a very childish way of describing how important a durable and sturdy roof is. But what about the ice dam every winter, or what about rooftop snow removal which requires people stepping on the roof doing heavy cleaning? Then you’ll wish your roof was impact resistant.


Safety First

Of course, I don’t think you will ever see a spaceship crash into your house (I hope not), but the question still remains—what if something hard and solid came trying to blast its way into your roof, will your last line of defense withstand it? Or will you just do what they do in the movies, watch what happens and hope someone saves the day?

Now you’re not going to tell me that you’re perfectly fine with how your roof is set up now. The more durable, the better, right? I’m not just talking to the men here, I’m also talking to the fathers who are making sure their children are safe even with hail falling on the roof. I’m also talking to the husbands who want their wives to feel secure during the winter as snow and sleet come crashing during that season.


Great Investment

Having durable and impact resistant roofing is not just for safety and security purposes, it is also a great investment, both short-term and long-term. And I know we all want to save some of the expenses for our summer vacation, I think you would agree that this is a much priority on the house list.

Making your roof as impact resistant as possible is a top-level need-to-do item for every roof, whether you are residential or commercial. Safety is always a first. And when safety comes first, you spend less on medical bills, guaranteed

impact resistant roofing

Anything Roof-y

There is a roofing repair company that provides satisfaction to anything and everything roof-y that you would ever need for residential or even commercial purposes. Plus they offer free estimates, beat that.

Roofco offers the best roof protection this part of the globe. With headquarters located in Winnipeg, and servicing more people through online contacts and word of mouth referrals, they are offering more and more houses the capability to resist, reduce, and repel any impact on their roofs—snow, hail or all of the above.

The Benefits Of Algae Resistant Shingles

Do you want to install a premium roofing system with low maintenance cost? Then check out the benefits of algae resistant shingles and why you should consider them for residential roofs.

When choosing a roofing system for our houses, we don’t only look at how effective it can work with protecting our interior. Some concerns to also look include the maintenance demands as well as its lifespan.

While the shingle roofings are among the most popular and effective roofing systems for years, one drawback on them is they are prone to algae buildup.

The Benefits Of Algae Resistant Shingles

A Shingle Roofing System With Resistance To Algae Growth

Fortunately today, technology has become more advanced. Roof developers have found ways to develop a shingle roofing system with resistance to algae growth. Because of these new laminated shingles, mold, mildew, and algae can be prevented from groeing on the roof which can cause a number of negative effects on it.

You may call today for a professional installation of this roofing system. Moreover, here are the advantages of these algae resistant shingles:

The Benefits Of Algae Resistant Shingles

1. Keep The Roof Stain Free

An algae buildup can stain your roof. Moreover, these stains can be quite difficult to remove. Aside from that, when the stain is not noticed at its earlier stages, it will become more and more difficult to remove. Worst, it won’t be removed anymore.

This gives a discoloration to the panels of your roof, making it look older than it is. Thus, installing a shingle roofing system with resistance to algae growth prevent stains from building up as well as roof discoloration.

2. Maintain An Energy Efficient Roofing

Darker colors absorb more heat, while the lighter colors, less. An algae buildup results in a darker color of your roof panels. Thus, when your roof colors become darker due to discoloration, more heat will be absorbed by the shingles.

This will result in more heat that can penetrate the interior of your home, making it warmer. This also means that you need to increase your cooling usage to cool down your interior. One of the benefits of algae resistant shingles is that by preventing the building up of the algae, you also maintain a low cooling cost for your interior.

3. Prevent Early Damage

The algae resistant shingles also prevent stains and early damage to your roof. These organisms can slowly eat up the parts of your roofs, causing damage to it. The damages may stat with small leaks and cracks, until holes may start to appear due to the constant building up of these organisms on your roofing system.

4. Lower The Cleaning And Maintenance Cost

The architectural asphalt roofing shingles laminated with algae resistant properties serve as a protector from the algae to grow on the roofing panels. Because of this, there may also be a lesser chance for the mold and mildew to grow there. Thus, cleaning and maintenance cost becomes lower.

Why You Should Install Algae Resistant Shingles for Your Home

Prevent Stains And Early Damage To Your Roof

Have a better performing roofing system for your residential house structure. Prevent stains and early damage to your roof. Install algae resistant shingles on your roofs now.

The Advantages Of Roof Cap Shingles

Are you looking for ways to make your roofing system more effective in protecting the interior of your home and at the same time be sure it’s durable enough? Then you might want to consider installing architectural roof cap shingles for your roof panel.

It is always important that we choose the right material for our residential roofs. The quality and how it is installed can affect how efficient the roof can be in terms of protecting the interior, durability, maintenance, aesthetics, and many other factors.

While roof panels and important, the capping on the ridges should also be given a high regard, too.

The Advantages Of Roof Cap Shingles

A Great Quality Residential Roofing System

When trying to build a sturdy roofing system, we don’t only look at the panels. Some of the crucial parts of a roof are the ridges. It is usually where the panels or both sides meet and it has to be covered well. Else, leaking may occur at an earlier time, which may damage the roof.

That is why a quality ridge and hip cap shingle installation is needed. Here are the advantages of the ridge cap shingles and why choose them for a better roofing system:

The Advantages Of Installing Architectural Roof Cap Shingles

1. Has Better Adhesion

The roof cap shingles have better adhesive properties. They are designed to have extra adhesion at the end of every shingle. Thus, every roof cap holds onto the shingle below it more effectively. The nailing area of the cap shingle is also thicker preventing the tendency of tearing near the nail holes. This, then, makes the entire roofing system sturdier and more resistant from blowing off due to strong winds. A great quality residential roofing system may then possibly be achieved.

2. Sheds Water More Efficiently

The concave shape of the caps that have been designed specifically for the ridge and hip is smooth, which makes it efficient in shedding water and other debris. This may also include hail and snow, and dry leaves. Thus. being able to shed water and debris efficiently, installing architectural roof cap shingles for your roofing system helps you have a lower maintenance needs for your roof.

3. Ready To Install

Unlike the modified shingles that are shaped to be fit on the ridges and hips, with the roof cap shingles, you don’t need to reshape or modify them for a proper fit. They are already designed for the roof ridges. This makes the ridge and hip cap shingle installation become a lot easier. This also saves you money from the labor cost because of the easy installation process.

4. Adds Curb Appeal

Having a smoother cut and finish when compared to the modified 3-tab shingles, your entire roof panel will also look much smoother. This, in turn, increases the curb appeal of your house, adding better aesthetics to the entire building. Moreover, a better curb appeal also helps increase the market value of any residential properties.

Why Install Roof Cap Shingles On Your Roofing System

Ridge And Hip Cap Shingle Installation

Ensure a great quality residential roofing system for your residential house structure. Check out today, and call a roofing professional and have ridge cap shingles installed on your roofs.

The Advantages Of Teak Shingles

Would you like to have a sturdy and reliable roofing system for your house which also gives good aesthetics to your overall house structure? Then you might want to consider installing teak shingles for residential roofs.

Choosing the right roofing system is essential to building an effective residential structure. Thus, it is important that you consider the different aspects of selecting the right roof materials. This may include the quality and durability, special features, aesthetics, installation, and maintenance costs, as well as the price of the material itself.

teak shingles for residential roofs

A Great Quality Custom Wood Shingle Roof

The wood roofs have been used by many home structures for many years now. They have been popular for an efficient insulation which keeps the indoors cold during the hot summer days and warm on the winter seasons. Moreover, they have classic designs which don’t get old.

One drawback of the wooden roofs before was that they can be easily be eaten by fire in case of any accidents. However, with today’s technology, coatings are applied for these roofs to have resistance to fire.

If you have considered on getting wood roofs for your house, the laminated architectural teak shingle roofing may be a great choice. Check out below for its advantages.

The Advantages Of Teak Shingles For Residential Roofs


  1. Durable Timber


Teak is a type of wood that has a durable quality. It is used to build ships, furniture, and building structure, among others. The duration of the teak can last for longer years compared to many other types of woods. Thus, maintaining it is easier, less costly, and less frequently.


  1. Wind Resistant


Strong winds may blow away and damage the shingles, or any parts of the roof deck. Fortunately, the laminated architectural teak shingle roofing has wind resistant properties. How the layers of teak shingles are installed and sealed makes the entire roof sturdy. Thus, when strong winds occur, the shingles won’t easily get ripped or damaged. This, in turn, provides better protection to your home interior for a longer period.


  1. Energy Efficient


A great quality custom wood shingle roof also provides better energy efficiency to your home. Since less heat from the sun is absorbed by the wood, only a minimal amount of heat can also pass through the interiors. Similarly, during the cold seasons, it provides better insulation to your home interior. Thus, you may not need to use so much energy to provide warmth or to cool your place. By being energy efficient, you also save some bucks from paying your monthly bills.


  1. Better Curb Appeal


Aside from its durability, its efficiency with protecting the interior, and being energy efficient, the teak shingles for residential roofs are also aesthetically good. Choosing from a variety of styles that fits the design structure of your residential home helps increase the curb appeal of your entire house.

great quality custom wood shingle roof

Install A Laminated Architectural Teak Shingle Roofing


Are you looking on which great quality custom wood shingle roof to choose for your residential home structure? With these great advantages of the teak shingles, you’ll be able to get the full value of what you pay for. Shop for great quality teak shingles at ROOFCO today for a sturdy and reliable wooden roofing system.

Why Protect Your Green Roof with Shingles

Let me introduce to you—The Environment. It is technically the biggest thing we’ll ever be a part of—the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the jungles, the insects, the free air.

Have you seen those picturesque photos of places like the Swedish winter, or the New Zealand spring, or even Canada’s rainforests? They give you a sense of peace, a feeling of tranquility, the impression that you are one with the universe. But this is not what is in the real world now.

Why Protect Your Green Roof with Shingles

Go Green

Yes, there are still scenic places like those we just imagined, but there are a lot more areas where the environment is not only taken for granted, but dare I say, has been abused. If you’ve ever heard of this phrase “Go Green”, then that’s probably a wake up call for you.

This term, which admittedly might be a little misleading because “green” usually implies plants and fruits and vegetables and other produce, but the word here entails a more broader and more universal spectrum.

Basically, the “Go Green” campaign is a worldwide movement which aims to restore, re-develop, and defend the environment from any and all threats. And if you want to know what the biggest threat is, I’ll give you one guess.

Yes, it’s us! When I said that the environment was taken for granted and abused, I didn’t just mean places in third world countries or the famine-stricken nations in the African continent. This is happening even in our own backyard, and maybe in our own homes.

Protection Priority

“What are you saying dude? That I’m killing the universe?” Potentially. If you’ve ever used hairspray, then you have. If you’ve ever thrown a plastic bottle into the ocean, then you have. If you’ve ever driven a vehicle that uses diesel (and to a lesser extent gasoline), then you most certainly have.

So don’t feel too much guilt, everyone has injured the environment in our own little ways, they just don’t know it. But now that you know, you have the choice to change that. Instead of hurting the Mother Earth, why don’t we start protecting her? How do we do that?

Shingle Shmingle

Well, we can start by not throwing away those plastic bottles; why don’t we start collecting them instead? And maybe even educate our family, our friends, our co-workers on the benefit of helping our planet, which is a very good idea to say the least—it’s the only planet we have.

What in the world does this have to do with green roof shingles? Hear me out. A lot of people are starting to do something about it. Some people join movements, others build green roofs (which is basically the roof of any building or house which is covered with the greens we talked about—vegetation and his friends), and others are informing people through social media.

The Importance of Green Roof Shingles for Your Homes

Free Quotation

Roofco is a roofing company based in Winnipeg, Canada and their specialty is, well, just about anything when it comes to taking care and protecting your roof. This company offers the guarantees the best warranty in the industry (who doesn’t want a guarantee) and they are able to do services for both residential and commercial buildings. And the best thing is they offer free, no-obligation quotation.

So if you want to help the environment by planning on having a green roof, then you need protection and waterproofing for your roof, too. These guys are the best. Call now and get your green roof shingles on—shmingle or no shmingle.

The Perfect Way of Installing Roof Shingles

Wood shake shingles especially, Weatherwood shingles are perfect for those who want to save the environment and want their house to look classic. Roof shingles are now popular in countries like the US and Canada because of its durability and cost-efficient elements.

Homeowners in Winnipeg are eager to invest in roof shingles because they believe in its capacity – a strong roof that shows concerns for the environment. Nowadays, climate change is affecting all of us. Bomb storm, strong winds, thick snows, mudslides and -50+ temperature all of these are just the effect of sudden change of our climate.

Roof shingles are now popular

Wood shake shingles are environment-friendly. The production is carefully executed. Companies of wood shake shingles only allow the production if the trees are well selected. It should come from hardwood trees. And, if cut it should be replaced. They also use recycled wood shakes to avoid constant cutting of trees.

Now, that you know that wood shingles are eco-friendly, let’s talk about installing it.

Can an ordinary homeowner install their own wood shingles? Anyone can install wood shingles, even you, if you know the proper way of installing the pieces. If you’re the homeowner, but you don’t have any experience in roofing, you can call a professional.

If you don’t want to hire professional roofers, you can watch do it yourself roofing videos. There are hundreds of instructional videos on the internet today. They’re very helpful and educational.

Do it yourself roofing. The basic installation of roof shingles may look easy but the proper way of installing needs planning and accuracy. Below is the basic process of roofing. You can call your professional roofer for guidance and supervision if you want a secure and strong roofing system.

Prepare your working area. Your working area should be organized and clean. You are working on the roof, therefore, the danger is always near your working place.

Get all old and rotten shingles out of your roof. They have served their purpose, so it’s time to change them. It is better to take out all torn shingles than fixing it all over again once a leak from the roof disturbs you.

Install the right roof deck. This will build the foundation of your roofing system. Invest in this one.

Carefully install the starter strip. Starter strips have an essential role in protecting the whole roofing system. Strong winds are sometimes the cause of flown shingles. And, the reason is negligence in securing the edges of the roof.

Your nail should hold the roof shingle. Proper nailing is also important when securing roof shingles. The easiest part of nailing is a provided guide on the shingles. All you have to do is follow that line and nail it.  Another important thing to remember is to use the right type of nails, know the location, angles, length and the force of nailing.

 protecting the whole roofing system

Start roofing from the bottom. Roof shingles should be installed at the bottom first and then upwards. But before that, it is important to know the proper placement of each piece of shingles.

Roofing for non-professionals like you would take you a lot of time assembling those shingles. Considering that you are experienced roofer, you have no assistant and you know little about installation.

Always keep in mind that a professional contractor with a couple of assistants will finish the job for you in no time. Just visit us at 27 Surfside Crescent, Winnipeg, MB R3X 1P2, Roofco.

3 Basic Things To Consider When You Buy A Roof

The roofs are our shed from the scorching heat of the sun, heavy snowflakes, storm, and among other natural calamities. Whatever type of roof you design, as long as it serves it purpose you are safe from disasters.

However, our roofs need protection too. So, here comes the roofing material which covers our roof and protects it from the harsh conditions of the weather. As a homeowner, there are a few things that you must know before you decide to install roofing materials on your roof. You need to know the kinds of roofing materials, measuring your roof and connecting the right people for the job.

Get the right roofing material

What are the 3 basic things/considerations before buying the roofs

1. Roofing square – Roofing square is a unit used for the measurement of your roofing materials. Carpenters and other professional roof installers use this unique unit. They need to get the exact square feet of your roof so that they can correctly measure the roofing square. Homeowners should also know some basic measurement, and conversion if they plan to build their own roof. Having this knowledge would also avoid any misunderstanding from the salesman who entertains you.

2. Know what type of roofing is best for you – There are different types of roofing system which are commonly used by homeowners in Canada. You can choose asphalt shingles, slate, and tile shingles, metal roofing, cedar shingles, and wood shakes and flat roof. Get the right roofing material that covers these factors; longevity, cost, availability, and durability. If you don’t have any idea what you are buying, consult an expert roofer to give you the right type of material and the right brand.

3. Get the right people to install your roofs – Having the right people to install your roofing materials assures you that you will never have a sleepless night during the rainy season.The advantage of hiring professional roofer is that they know what to install whatever shingles or slates you bought from the hardware. They have their techniques, and their machine to make their work finish faster. All you have to do is watch them, and pay them.

These three basic knowledge on roofing materials, measurements and connecting the right people are essential to having a secured roofing system. Homeowners should never neglect this knowledge because there are times that your contractor will give you the wrong roofing squares, and lets you pay for it. To avoid this kind of fraudulent acts, you must have this knowledge.

Roofco is your trusted roofing service provider. They have all the right equipment, all their staffs are well-trained roofers, and they value their clients. Whether it’s an installation of roofs in residential homes or cleaning thick snows from your roof, they can give that service to you.

install whatever shingles or slates you bought

Call them now, or visit their website at and get the best service that you never had. Always keep in mind that your comfort life should remain comfortable and warm if you get the right people. Give them that call, now.

Protecting Your Roof In An Elegant Way

Roofs are one of the foundations that will keep your family safe. Without the roof, you will be vulnerable from storms, winds, dirt, and everything. A simple roof completes the safety and convenience of your abode. Moreover, would you like to make your roof stronger and beautiful to look outside?

A simple roof completes the safety and convenience of your abode

Popular types of roofing

There are different types of roof shingles sold on the market today. You can choose from plain and simple to the tough and well-designed shingles. Plain roof shingles are the ones that you can easily buy because it’s affordable and easy to install. However, there are downsides that you would cost you another expense after a few years.
Tough and well-designed roof shingles are a bit expensive, but it can withstand harsh elements of the environment. All designs have their strengths and weaknesses that you should consider before installing that roof in your house.
Composite shingles roofing, slate and tile roof shingles, metal roofing, shakewood shingles and flat roof are types of roofing styles that you can choose in Canada. However, there’s popular shingle roofing that is highly recommended by Canadians and that’s composite shingles roofing. It’s made from a mixture of asphalt and other elements such as fiberglass or fiber mat coated with minerals. It’s durable and lasts longer.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of roof shingles?

Roof shingles are popular in Canada. It is recommended by roofing companies however, homeowners should also consider the advantages and disadvantages of shingle roofing. Shingles are inexpensive. It can last up to 20-100 years of shading depending on which type of shingles you are using. It adds appeal to your home. It is easy to match the color of your roof to the interior designs.
The disadvantages of roof shingles depend on the types of the shingle. There are roof shingles that can’t withstand fluctuating climate conditions such the likes of ceramic roof shingles. Tile roofs would cost you a lot. It’s not easy to install the roofs, so you would need to pay experts just to install the roof.

What is the most recommended roof shingles?

The most recommended roofing types are metal roofing and shakewood shingles. Metal roofing is best for homeowners who are concerned about high-cost maintenance. Metal roofing is known for its low maintenance material. And, it can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as thick snow and high temperatures.
Shakewood shingles are made from recycled wood, this means it’s eco-friendly. What’s great about shakewood shingles is that the water run-off has no environmental effect since the roof is made of wood. And, this material would last up to 30 years of protecting your house. Homeowners would have less cost of roof repair

You can choose from plain and simple to the tough and well-designed shingles

Where to buy roof shingles?

There are lots of options where you can buy your preferred shingles. However, at Roofco, they can provide and advice the best roof shingles for your house. They also have the best professionals who can install and repair the roof. Contact them now and they’ll deliver and install the best shingles so that you’ll have the most protected and appealing house in the neighborhood.